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Imagine yourself gliding smoothly through the waters between beautiful islets. Take in the sights, sounds and smells of nature. Experience the stillness and sense of total freedom. And feel how your energy returns.

Take a short course and let our experienced guides lead you on exciting kayaking trips. Choose between two-days trips or a one day kayaking trip with picnic. We offer customized activities for companies with sea kayaking as the main activity. Let trained instructors with many years of experience and knowledge of kayaking guide you, your family and frineds, and your co-workers on a fantastic summer kayaking trip.

Rent a kayak from us. We can suggest a variety of scenic water routes, varying in length, to give you the ultimate paddling experience.

You can also buy a kayak from us. Once you are hooked on paddling, why not buy your own kayak and equipment?

We are even ready to arrange your vacation in Estonia. We provide full service tour packages including all extra services to the most beautiful and interesting places in Estonia. We organize bicycle-tours, canoe trips, hiking, horse riding, fishing, and bird watching. We help you to find the best way to spend your holiday in Estonian countryside, to see our beautiful nature, the historical places and much more.

For more information please contact us:
info@kajakimatkad.ee or +372 52 26 440
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